chicken chow soup recipe.



It is a Tibetan chow soup, famous in Indian mountain areas. It is a high source of protein, fiber and calcium.  


Chicken stripes boiled 2 cups, Chicken stock 2 cups, Dice cut carrot ½ cup, Shaded cabbage 1 cup, Onion sliced ½ cup, Tibetan red chilli paste 2 tbsp (boil red chilli and remove the seeds and make a paste), Boiled noodles 1 cup, Garlic paste 1 tbsp, French beans chopped 1 cup, Salt to taste, Oil 2 tbsp.

chow soup
thuppa ( chow soup)


In a deep bottom pan, heat oil, add red chilli paste, cook for 2 minutes
Add onion and other vegetables and garlic paste, cook for 5 minutes
Add chicken stripes and sauté
Add salt and noodles, cook for 2 minutes
Add chicken stock, cook for 5 minutes

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